Multilingüismo, discurso y comunicación

Who are we?

MIRCo (Multilingualism, Social Identities, Intercultural Relations and Communication) is a consolidated international and interdisciplinary research group, based at the Autonomous University of Madrid (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid).

Since 2000, MIRCo has been devoted to the study of multilingualism in its linguistic, discursive, social, political, economic and educational aspects, from a critical, interactional and ethnographic perspective.

We count on national and international researchers, sociolinguists, discourse analysts, anthropologists, social psychologists, and different working languages (Spanish, Catalan, French, English…) and from different backgrounds, most of us are women, and we work from different universities: Autonomous University of Madrid, Complutense University of Madrid, Castilla la Mancha University, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Toronto University. 

Our Team


Click on each picture to see more information about each person (only available in Spanish). 

Luisa Martín-Rojo (Mirco's Principal Investigator)
Alexandre Duchêne
Héctor Grad
Mónica Heller
Mª Luisa de la Garza
Júlia Llompart
Rosina Márquez-Reiter
Clara Molina
Adriana Patiño
Joan Pujolar
Miguel Pérez-Milans
Ana María Relaño
Ana María Relaño
Lilia R. Rodríguez
Jacqueline Urla

Young researchers

Marta Castillo
Marta Castillo
Noelia Fernández
Noelia Fernández
Elisa Hidalgo
Mónica Belinchón

Visiting researchers

Cristian Aquino Sterling
Dr. Cristian Aquino Sterling, associate professor in San Diego State University
Philippe Humbert
Philippe Humbert, phD SNF Doc.Mobility, Freiburg University, Switzerland
Lara Alonso
Lara Alonso, phD The Graduate Center of the City University of New York
Katrin Ahlgren
Katrin Ahlgren, PhD, Narrative identity and living metaphors in a second language perspective. Stockholm University
Gustavo Cándido
Gustavo Candido, Postgraduate Program in Linguistics (PPGL / UFC), State University of Ceará, Brazil.


Mirco belongs to EDiSo, the Association for Studies on Discourse and Society where we actively participate in its Observatorio del discurso/Discourse observatory.

Urban voices

MIRCO has been the architect of the Urbanvoices website, an online collaborative workspace that enables the classification, placing and sharing of photographic material for subsequent analyses from a critical sociolinguistic and discursive perspective. Urban voices

Research groups and networks working and collaborating with MIRCo group: