Multilingualism, discourse and communication

Past events

Multilingual: languages for the city (lenguas pa’ la citi)

A group of undergraduate students in Modern Languages, Culture and Communication at the Autonomous University of Madrid went out into the street creating a kaleidoscopic register of the city through photographs. The exhibition reveals to us the way in which its inhabitants cohabitate, the vitality, or decline of their languages and the way in which new communication networks are being

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17th International Workshop

Commitees Scientific Committee: Luisa Martín Rojo, Miguel Pérez Milans, Monica Heller, Mary Louise Pratt, Ruth Wodak, Juan Carlos Gimeno and Joan Pujolar. Organizing Committee: Luisa Martín Rojo, Miguel Pérez Milans, Miriam Jiménez and Simone Belli Workshop information During the twentieth century, the critical turn in discourse studies produced far-reaching changes in the understanding of discourse

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