Research lines

Multilingualism and multilingual practices in different social settings and from an ethnographic perspective

  • In its relationship with social transformations and with new economies.
  • In its imbrication in social and identity processes, such as exclusion, the construction of inequality, subjectivation.

Speakers in the diaspora

  • Trajectories, status, management of values and linguistic ideologies; speaker models and power techniques (linguistic surveillance)

Speech and power

  • The exercise of power in interaction.
  • The discursive construction of social representations.
  • Discourses and problems of our time: racism and sexism; microviolence; war speeches.
  • Construction of neoliberal rationality.
  • Discursive processes: discursive production and circulation; legitimacy.

Intercultural communication and intercultural relationships

  • In its relationship with colonialism, banal cosmopolitanism and neoliberalism.

Linguistic landscapes: The transformation of space through communicative practices

  • Discourse and urban processes: occupation, (de)territorialization, gentrification, etc.
  • Migrations, political contestation, gender, etc.