Lecture “Academic internationalization and linguistic justice: an interdisciplinary approach” by Prof. Josep Carbonell (Stockholm University)

6th June 2024

June 18, 2024 (15:30 h)

La Corrala UAM (c/ Carlos Arniches 3, metro La Latina)

Josep Carbonell holds a PhD in Linguistics and Communication from the University of Barcelona. After holding research and teaching positions at various institutions (University of California San Diego, University of Oxford, University of Tartu, University of Tallinn), Dr. Carbonell joined the Department of English at Stockholm University in 2014, where he has been a Lecturer in English Linguistics since 2017 and Associate Professor since 2023. His main research areas are:

  • Sociolinguistics, language policies and ideologies
  • The politics of English as a global language
  • Multilingualism and multilingual practices
  • Sociolinguistics of minority/minoritized language communities

In this lecture, Professor Carbonell will present a recent paper entitled: Linguistic domination or discrimination? Local and international academic staff contest the (in)justice of English as the language of international academic mobility.

Everyone is welcome.